Almost everybody knows this. However, there are some simple rules of thumb which can make life easier. Figure 2: Hourglass Model Swales [9]. Choose a right title. The title should be sub- stantially different from others. Avoid general titles, e. Write how to write a computer science research paper pdf concise abstract. A good hint is pack each of these part into one sentence. Organization of your paper.

Conference selectivity serves two purposes: pick the best submitted papers and signal prospective authors and readers about conference quality. Is there a connection between conference acceptance rate and impact factor, where impact is measured by the number of citations received? The answer is positive, up to some threshold. Adopting the right selectivity level helps attract better submissions and more citations. Journals may have longer page limits and journal reviews tend to be more detailed.

how to write a computer science research paper pdf

As an example, we discuss the promotion assessment criteria used in the Romanian academic system. We express openly our concerns about how our work is evaluated, especially by the existent how to write a computer science research paper pdf products. Our conclusion is that we should combine bibliometric measures with human interpretation. Assessment pro- tocols have considered, to a varied extent, scholarly activities performed in each of these areas.


Across disciplines, there are common standards for the evaluation and documentation of publicly presented scholarly work [6]. Studying the metadata of the ACM Digital Library, Chen and Konstan [5] found that papers in low-acceptance-rate conferences have higher impact than in high-acceptance-rate conferences within ACM.

Reviewers can take adequate time to write thorough reviews. By polishing a manuscript for journal publication, the author minimizes the number of errors and improves the clarity of the exposition. Thus, journal papers are more likely to be correct and readable than conference papers. Journals are more widely distributed through libraries than conference proceedings, which go out of print quickly. In how to write a computer science research paper pdf disciplines, the criteria for quality include innovation, thoroughness, and clarity, appraised through rigorous peer review.

uate student should bear in mind when reading a computer science research paper. Specifically, the reading process is divided into three tasks: comprehension, evaluation and synthesis. The genre of paper review is then introduced as a vehicle for critical reading of research papers. Lastly, guidelines on how to be initiated into the trade of. Mar 26,  · Recently I, a member of a team of five students, in December , submitted a paper to an IEEE international conference on Computing, Communication and Automation (ICCCA). About two weeks ago I got the notification of acceptance, and will be. David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo Waterloo, ON, Canada [email protected] ABSTRACT Researchers spend a great deal of time reading research pa-pers. However, this skill is rarely taught, leading to much wasted e ort. This article outlines a practical and e cient three-pass method for reading research papers. I.

Use a top-down writing method. Use a sentence to represent the points paragraphs in each subsections. This is why one of the authors of the present paper R.


We illustrate with the promotion assessment criteria used in the Romanian academic system. In the CS publication culture, prestigious conferences are a favorite tool for presenting original re- search, unlike disciplines where the prestige goes to journals and conferences are for raw initial results.

IJCCC is a new journal, founded in A solution would be to use for each journal its unique ISSN. However, we think that the effort is worth, since this would make bibliometric indicators more precise. Should we how to write a computer science research paper pdf to a journal or conference? In the CS context, this question deserves a discussion. The CRA memo asserts that conference publication is superior to journal publication in computer science. Computing researchers are right to view conferences as an important archival venue and use accep- tance rate as an indicator of future impact.

Assessment criteria must themselves undergo assessment and revision. How to recognize a good journal or conference? How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science and How Will It Be Measured by ISI Web of Knowledge When ranking conferences, you should look at the following factors: acceptance rate, review pro- cess, program committee, who the publisher of the proceedings is, and which database is indexing the published proceedings.

Can we tell from the acceptance rate alone how good a conference is? The answer is negative. We cannot tell how selective a conference or a journal is only by the percentage of papers it accepts because far fewer bad papers are submitted to the best conferences and journals. CS journals have their role, often to publish deeper versions of papers already presented at confer- ences.


This is an example of a good conference see T. ISCA papers are pages in length with detailed results, and go through around double-blind reviews by the top experts on the topic. ISCA takes only papers a year there are no short papers, no posters. For ranking journals, we have to look at the JCR impact factor, publishing house, and editors.

Our paper has two major goals. First, how to write a computer science research paper pdf, we discuss the limits of numerical assessment tools as applied to computer science publications. Second, we give guidelines on how to write a good paper, where to submit the manuscript, and how to deal with the reviewing process. We analyze two important aspects of publishing: plagiarism and peer reviewing.

The principal problem is what ISI counts [3]. The results make Niklaus Wirth, Turing Award winner, appear for minor papers from indexed publications, not his seminal Pascal report. Therefore, we should not make cross- disciplinary comparisons based on number of citations. The methods by which ISI selects documents and citations are not published or subject to debate. The problem for computer scientists is that assessment relies on often inappropriate and occasionally outlandish criteria.


how to write a computer science research paper pdf

Faculty assessment is conducted for purposes of reappointment, promotion, the awarding of tenure, and profes- sional development. At different levels, non-faculty administrators are also involved in the assessment process of faculty. But how much can we trust such a numerical criterion? Is it enough to count the number of citations of your paper to judge its value?

Many times, conference committees enlist inexperienced graduate students as reviewers of papers in order to meet the quota for reviews. Because conference papers are How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science and How Will It Be Measured by ISI Web of Knowledge limited in length, and because a large number of papers must be reviewed within a short time, the quality of reviews of conference papers is generally low. In contrast, for journals, because there are usually no page limits, authors can explain their ideas completely.

What Is The Best Way To Write A Computer Science Research Paper?

Andonie, I. The annual JCR impact factor is a ratio between citations and recent citable items published. Thus, the impact factor of a journal is calculated by dividing the number of current year citations to the source items published in that journal during the previous two years. Publication quality is just one aspect of research quality, impact is one aspect of publication quality, and the number of citations is one aspect of impact. They, too, how to write a computer science research paper pdf, have limitations.

While many researchers use this opportunity, others have a successful career based largely on conference papers. There is an increasing tendency to numerically measure the quality of a paper. In ISI Web of Science citation metrics information is available only when records on the publication list have been added from the Web of Science. According to Hirsch [2], h is the number of articles greater than h that have at least h citations.

This has led to a great growth in the number of low level conferences. The reviewing process performed by program committees is done under extreme time and workload pressures, and it does not rise to the level of careful refereeing. Only a small fraction of conference papers are followed up by journal papers. Organize your thinking and decide the structure outlines of your paper. Stick on your central points throughout the whole paper and remove all unnecessary discussions.

Every well-written research paper contains an abstract, which is a summary of the paper. The role of an abstract is to outline the answers to the above questions. Look therefore, first to the abstract for answers. The paper should be an elaboration of the abstract. How to Write a Good Paper in Computer Science and How Will It Be Measured by ISI Web of Knowledge. The academic world has come to place enormous weight on bibliometric measures to assess the value of scientific Razvan Andonie, Ioan Dzitac. How to Write a Research Paper in Computer Science 2 Preliminary Note: The Idea of Formalized Scientific Knowledge Definition 1 8 x 8 y subset (x ; y) $ def 8 z z 2 x! z 2 y.


An h-index of 20 means that there are 20 items that have 20 citations or more. The accuracy of these metrics largely depend on the accuracy of the ISI database. The Journal Citation Reports JCRpublished annually by Thomson Reuters, provides quantitative tools for ranking journals in accordance to statistical information from citation data.

We discuss the limits of numerical assessment tools. From this perspective, we also analyze two important aspects of publishing: plagiarism and peer reviewing.