For example, a third sentence might state that a time-management strategy is essential for busy mothers. Arriving at the Thesis Now that you have the hook, the interpretation, and the transition to the issue or problem that is addressed in the paper, it is time to write the thesis. If the thesis is about time-management strategies for mothers, you will set forth a claim about a particular time-management strategy or strategies that you will explain in the paper.

how to write an a-level english essay introduction

The Thought-Provoking First Sentence Whether you are writing a response to Emily Bronte's "Wuthering Heights," a personal reflection essay, or an essay explaining the importance of a particular economic theory, the introduction is the anchor of the rest of the essay. The first sentence should be what is called a "hook," or an exciting and thought-provoking idea.

You take the hook and its interpretive second sentence how to write an a-level english essay introduction move toward the thesis by adding a sentence that does not yet state the thesis but introduces the problem or issue that you will address in the paper. The previous example of time management in a mother's life should be stated as a problem or issue that you the writer will explain how to solve through the essay.

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Students should begin their introduction with an entertaining and thought-provoking first sentence, explain this sentence with two or three more sentences, how to write an a-level english essay introduction, and end the how to write an a-level english essay introduction with a sentence that contains the essay's thesis, or main idea. The thesis will shape the following paragraphs or pages and is essential an essential part of the structure of the essay.

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In this article, we look at the particular skills needed to write great essays for individual A-level subjects, so that you can familiarise yourself with what you need to do to excel in whatever A-levels you happen to be studying. English. Aug 18,  · If you are studying English literature, you would meet English literature essay writing tasks every now and then because it is a constructive method of assessment for students’ learning. So better you find an escape plan; prepare yourself to write a high-quality English literature essay. How to Write a Higher Level Essay Introduction. Written by Andrew Aarons. Related Articles. If you were to write one great sentence in your essay, this should be it. The thesis statement is the main idea of your argument. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English literature from the University of Ottawa, where he served as a writer and.

If your essay about "Wuthering Heights" will explain the concept of wild nature as seen through Heathcliff's characterization, your first sentence might contain your visceral impression of the landscape and lead into a sentence quoting Bronte's early description of the wild Heathcliff.



how to write an a-level english essay introduction

Providing Support for the First Sentence The thought-provoking hook in the first sentence should be followed with a sentence that moves the hook toward the thesis.

The second sentence must interpret the thought-provoking first sentence and make it relevant to the thesis. If you are writing a personal essay on time management in a mother's life, for example, you would begin with an exciting hook showing the baby crying, the PTA calling, and a row of school lunches to be made, and then you would transition into the second sentence of the essay: "Clearly, no one can manage all of these tasks simultaneously.

T. Faull Writing in A-level English literature essays: Professional reflections on text organisation English Teaching: Practice and Critique do not think that this is recognised in schools and we seem to become so pre-occupied with covering the content of whichever syllabus we use1, that essay-writing becomes, at best, an afterthought and, at worst, omitted almost entirely. The introduction is the most important part of a higher-level essay because it shapes the reader's expectations of the essay and is one of the most important ways of demonstrating that the paper has a logical structure. Students should begin their introduction with . Hey, I'm studying English Literature at uni now but at A-level I had exactly the same problem. I'm assuming that you already do this but if not, practice essay questions and ask your tutor to go over what you've written with you.

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