My Most Embarrassing Situation Essay. It is that moment in time when you wish the earth would open up and swallow you. The anxiety and discomfort felt during that time which may only last a few seconds feels like time has stood still. I remember so well when I had my most embarrassing moment. I was in Form 4 and it was during the school recess. Buy Cheap Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life Essay. It was during one of the library meeting that I mentioned to her that I wanted to take her out for a date. With a smile on her face, she told me to . My most embarrassing moment essay, - Obesity essay thesis. Custom essay writing assumes a profound research on the given topic. Fortunately, all of our writers have degrees in .

With the school opening in a few days' time, I had to come to term with the reality. Thinking that I was going to miss my friend made me sick and left me wishing that I had the power to go back in time, just to avoid going to school earlier. While the idea of leaving my friends took over my mind, I remembered that there was much I could do after all in school. I had once met a lady whom I loved though I had not composed myself to ask her for a date.

The idea of dating this classmate gave me a reason to smile and look forward to the opening of the school. Jean was one of my classmates who we attended school together since she got transferred into my college. Though she had just spent about a semester in college since she got transferred, write an essay about my most embarrassing moment, it seemed to me like she had been around for quite some time.

Realizing that I had missed an opportunity of perhaps saying something more to jean made me pity myself but I was not ready to let any obstacle block my ambition of one day having Jean as a dear friend with a special place in my heart. While this event passed by, write an essay about my most embarrassing moment, little did I know that an opportunity was coming on my way where I would have the chance of speaking to her face to face.

All the same, we happened to bump into one another as Jean left the library one afternoon. While this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to say a word to her, all I could manage to say was "hello Jean".

write an essay about my most embarrassing moment


I was more than delighted to write an essay about my most embarrassing moment Jean back in college. I happened to see her as her dad drove her to school. To me, she looked more beautiful than before and this reinforced my pursuits to have her as my girlfriend regardless of the circumstances.

write an essay about my most embarrassing moment

However, I kept asking myself whether all was going to be well. Get a Price Quote:.

Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life Essay Example

I shelved my thoughts about her hoping to get an opportune time once we settled down in college. For a couple of days, we settled down with lectures commencing and soon I was seeing Jean once more in the classes we shared. With the drive to approach Jean and win her heart intensifying, I noted that I could not manage to direct walk and talk her about my feeling.

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Nevertheless, I was optimistic that a miracle would happen; perhaps we could just find ourselves outside gazing at the starlit sky where I would hesitate in pouring my feelings to her. Needless to say, I just realized that all these were wishes that could never come to pass.

This was made complicated being that I was a bit shy and always cared much about what others said than what I felt within myself. But will this hinder me from achieving my goal? I kept asking this question every time I stole some glances on jean. Additionally, though I had some challenges to overcome in order to walk and have a hearty talk with jean, I noted that Jean also had to be accessible for me to succeed. But with jean keeping to herself most of the time, the idea getting to talk to her seemed to disappear into the thin air.



As a cheerless but less talkative lady, Jean kept to herself and in most time avoiding company with most of her classmates. What was striking in her was her beauty that all men in our class noticed. Her taste for clothes and shoes intrigued me further and just before the end of the last semester, I had promised that I would do all I can, write an essay about my most embarrassing moment to let her by my girlfriend in the new semester a head.


I had spent a couple of week at my aunt's home where I had gone to spend some time just to experience a change of the atmosphere. At her place, I was delighted to meet a couple of friend whom we went out for several activities. Together we participated in ball games and the social activities.

Dec 15,  · Narration Assignment: My Most Embarrassing Moment (Essay Sample) Select the most meaningful moments that will lead to your conclusion. Write a descriptive paragraph for each moment. When beginning, start with the body first Now you are ready to write the conclusion. REFLECT: explain the lesson learned as a result of this story. Most embarrassing moment of my life. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. With the summer holiday just about to end, I was saddened to know that I was soon going back to school and begin another tedious semester. My most embarrassing moment essay, - Obesity essay thesis. Custom essay writing assumes a profound research on the given topic. Fortunately, all of our writers have degrees in .